Stabilo Pen 68

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Premium coloring felt-tip pen

Pen 68 has been designed to encourage your creativity and will always give you the best results. It’s available in 47 brilliant and luminous colors, including 6 fluorescent shades. Whether you are a budding artist or just drawing for fun, this premium fibre-tip pen is for you.

Product detail

A high-quality felt-tip pen

If you are looking for countless drawing options and high efficiency, STABILO Pen 68 is going to be your new best coloring friend. It was this fibre-tip pen that gained STABILO its reputation for unbeatable German premium quality since 1966. This product will really surprise you with its high performance – 24-hour cap off time, water-based odorless ink, high brilliance and luminosity. Start coloring now in a whopping range of 41 colors plus 6 fluorescent shades.


  • Color-intensive premium felt-tip pen for strong lines and large areas.
  • High brilliance and luminosity.

  • Robust M-tip (line width approx. 1 mm) for even ink application.

  • Odorless, water-based ink.

  • Cap-off time of up to 24 hours.

  • Available in 40 colors, 6 fluorescent colors and various ranges.

The pen offers a robust M-tip (line width approx. 1mm) for even ink application that can be perfectly used for bold lines and large areas. You can also create aquarelle masterpieces by blending colors using just a brush and some water.



SW68-57Pen 68 Azure1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-46Pen 68 Black1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-45Pen 68 Brown1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-48Pen 68 Carmine1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-41Pen 68 Dark Blue1.0 mm$1.50$1.35Out of stock
SW68-96Pen 68 Dark Grey1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-89Pen 68 Dark Ochre1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-50Pen 68 Dark Red1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-97Pen 68 Deep Cold Grey1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-63Pen 68 Earth Green1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-36Pen 68 Emerald Green1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-031Pen 68 Fluorescent Blue1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-033Pen 68 Fluorescent Green1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-054Pen 68 Fluorescent Orange1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-056Pen 68 Fluorescent Pink1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-040Pen 68 Fluorescent Red1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-024Pen 68 Fluorescent Yellow1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-17Pen 68 Heliotrope1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-11Pen 68 Ice Blue1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-13Pen 68 Ice Green1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-24Pen 68 Lemon Yellow1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-31Pen 68 Light Blue1.0 mm$1.50$1.35Out of stock
SW68-94Pen 68 Light Cold Grey1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-16Pen 68 Light Emerald1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-26Pen 68 Light Flesh1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-33Pen 68 Light Green1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-88Pen 68 Light Ochre1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-40Pen 68 Light Red1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-58Pen 68 Lilac1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-95Pen 68 Medium Cold Grey1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-54Pen 68 Orange1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-30Pen 68 Pale Vermillion1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-98Pen 68 Paynes Grey1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-29Pen 68 Pink1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-22Pen 68 Prussian Blue1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-19Pen 68 Purple1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-56Pen 68 Rose1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-38Pen 68 Sanguine1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-75Pen 68 Sienna1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-51Pen 68 Turquoise Blue1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-53Pen 68 Turquoise Green1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-32Pen 68 Ultramarine1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-65Pen 68 Umber1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-55Pen 68 Violet1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW68-44Pen 68 Yellow1.0 mm$1.50$1.35Out of stock
SW68-43Pen 68 Leaf Green1.0 mm$1.50$1.35
SW6806-PLPen 68 Wallet Set of 6Set$9.00$7.20
SW6810/PLPen 68 Wallet Set of 10Set$14.30$11.45
SW6806-1Pen 68 Neon Wallet Set of 6Set$9.00$8.10
SW6815-1Pen 68 Wallet Set of 15Set$22.00$19.80Out of stock
SW6820-031Pen 68 ColorParade Set of 20Set$30.00$24.99
Total: $0.00

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