Sakura Pigma Sensei Pens

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Among the variety of Manga guides and kits, the choice for drawing Manga is clear – Pigma Sensei®. Learn to draw like the pros using the same rich, black Pigma® ink that's been the trusted ink of Manga professionals for over 30 years.

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Manga Comic Drawing Pens: Start-with-Quality!

Pigma Sensei drawing sets include the tools you need to illustrate in the Manga or comic style. Use chisel nib inking pens for sharp lines and filling in large spaces. Use fine lines for facial expressions, lettering, and detailing, or bold lines to add impact and drama. The pencil’s fixed sleeve protects the sturdy 0.7 lead from breaking whether sketching or using templates. The universal appeal of Pigma ink makes this kit a value for any illustrator.


Sketch whenever creativity sparks! Take Pigma Sensei drawing sets to classes or conventions. Options include:

  • 03 ultra-fine tip (0.3mm)
  • 04 durable plastic tip (0.4mm)
  • 06 bullet fiber tip (0.6mm)
  • 10 bold fiber tip (1.0mm)
  • 0.7mm fixed sleeve mechanical pencil
  • Sakura block eraser (6 pack only)
  • C10 chisel nib (1.0mm)
  • C20 chisel nib (2.0mm)
  • C30 chisel nib (3.0mm)


SK50206Sensei Set of 4Set$9.96
SK50200Sensei Manga Set of 6Set$15.39
SK50204Sensei Set of 8Set$22.49
SK38482Sensei Black03$2.49
SK38485Sensei Black04$2.49
SK38483Sensei Black06$2.49
SK38484Sensei Black1$2.49
SK39566Sensei BlackC10$2.49
SK39567Sensei BlackC20$2.49
SK39568Sensei BlackC30$2.49
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