Sakura Identi Pens

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The durable, extra fine plastic point is perfect for detail work. The medium, fiber point is excellent for larger projects. IDenti-pen is available in 8 colors.

Product detail

IDenti-pen is a dual-point multi-purpose marker that will mark most non-porous surfaces. It’s easy to label personal items with your contact information or decorate with illustrations and patterns. Use IDenti-pen to mark on a wide variety of difficult surfaces, such as wood, metal, plastic, glass, golf balls, CDs, and slick paper. IDenti-pen is often used for autographs from your favorite musician, athlete, or actor on photos and memorabilia. 



  • Autographing
  • Craft projects
  • Glossy sheets, plastic, transparencies
  • Test tubes, beakers, and most glass surfaces*
  • Photographic and x-ray films, or to label the back of photos
  • Engineering templates and rulers
  • Wood, cellophane, paper, metal*, CDs, diamonds

Technical qualities

  • Chemically stable and water resistant
  • Permanent adherence on most surfaces*
  • A fine-line nib with a protected tip that will not split
  • Not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed
  • Not intended for food service items or ceramics that are washed.
  • Not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin


*Alcohol-based cleaners will remove ink from non-porous surfaces like glass



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SK44102IdentiPen BlueEa.$1.98Out of stock
SK44105IdentiPen BrownEa.$1.98Out of stock
SK44104IdentiPen GreenEa.$1.98Out of stock
SK44107IdentiPen OrangeEa.$1.98
SK44106IdentiPen PurpleEa.$1.98Out of stock
SK44103IdentiPen RedEa.$1.98
SK44108IdentiPen YellowEa.$1.98
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