Richeson Gessoed Hardboard Panels

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With beautifully beveled edges, these warp-resistant tempered panels are covered with a high-quality gesso primer and are produced with a double coat waterfall system for a perfect lightly toothy surface. Perfect for portraitists, they are a time and energy-saver, ideal for both pros and students. Perfect for use with oils, alkyds, acrylics, caseins, and other water-based paints.



1510404Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"4"x4"$2.50Out of stock
1510505Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"5"x5"$3.00
1510507Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"5"x7"$3.30
1510606Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"6"x6"$3.30
1510609Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"6"x9"$4.20Out of stock
1510612Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"6"x12"$5.05Out of stock
1510808Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"8"x8"$4.65
1510810Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"8"x10"$5.50
1510912Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"9"x12"$6.65
1511010Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"10"x10"$6.30
1511114Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"11"x14"$8.80
1511212Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"12"x12"$8.35$6.26
1511216Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"12"x16"$10.30$7.73
1511224Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"12"x24"$14.35$10.76Out of stock
1511418Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"14"x18"$13.10$9.83
1511620Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"16"x20"$16.40$12.30Out of stock
1511824Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"18"x24"$21.10$15.83Out of stock
1511836Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"18"x36"$31.15$21.80Out of stock
1512436Gessoed Hardboard 1/8"24"x36"$40.00$28.00Out of stock
1520404Gessoed Hardboard 3/4"4"x4"$13.25$10.60
1520606Gessoed Hardboard 3/4"6"x6"$14.30$11.44
1520612 Gessoed Hardboard 3/4"6"x12"$17.65$13.24Out of stock
1520808Gessoed Hardboard 3/4"8"x8"$16.55$13.25
1520810Gessoed Hardboard 3/4"8"x10"$19.90$14.93
1520912Gessoed Hardboard 3/4"9"x12"$22.05$16.54
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