Quattro Journals

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Quattro Journals

Available in (6) convenient sizes, Quattro Journals feature laminated covers with rounded corners to provide the utmost in durability.  Artists can select from lined (80 sheets / 90gsm), gridded (80 sheets / 90gsm) or Artist Blank (60 sheets / 110 gsm) page styles to best suit their particular technique, with each style featuring a “wraps to back” cover and micro-perforated sheets to maximize ease of use and versatility.

Product detail

Rounded corners mean Quattro will resist damage as you carry it. The specially laminated cover resists dirt and stains. Fold the cover around to the back to reveal it's quality. Available in gridded, lined, & blank journals with 60 sheets each. Gridded pads feature a truly refined grid pattern on 90gsm, super-smooth, acid-free sheets, printed in soft gray ink. Sheets are microperforated for effortless removal.



GL35509Quattro Journal Blank2.5"x3.5"$3.35$2.68
GL35510Quattro Journal Blank5.5"x3.5"$4.28$3.42
GL35511Quattro Journal Blank4.5"x5.5"$5.32$4.26
GL35512Quattro Journal Blank3.5"x8.25"$5.78$4.62
GL35513Quattro Journal Blank5.5"x8.5"$7.98$6.38
GL35514Quattro Journal Blank8.5"x12"$13.66$10.93Out of stock
GL35520Quattro Journal Lined5.5"x3.5"$4.28$3.42
GL35529Quattro Journal Grid 8/82.5"x3.5"$3.35$2.68
GL35530Quattro Journal Grid 8/85.5"x3.5"$4.28$3.42
GL35531Quattro Journal Grid 8/84.5"x5.5"$5.32$4.26
GL35532Quattro Journal Grid 8/83.5"x8.25"$5.78$4.62
GL35533Quattro Journal Grid 8/85.5"x8.5"$7.98$6.38Out of stock
GL35534Quattro Journal Grid 8/88.5"x12"$13.66$10.93Out of stock
GL60405Black Leather Quattro Journal Holder3.5"x5.5"$24.32$19.46
GL60410Saddle Brown Leather Quattro Journal Holder3.5"x5.5"$24.32$19.46
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