Pentalic Traveler Sketch Journal

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Wherever you go, capture life as it happens with a journal designed to fit anywhere. 160 pages of acid free, smooth, recycled 74 lb (120 g/m2) to 92 lb (150 g/m2) sketch paper is perfect for sketching, notes and field work. Pages are perfect-bound to accommodate drawing across two pages. Includes an elastic closure, ribbon marker, and envelope pocket, enclosed by a flexible Italian-made cover. Paper available in sketch, ruled, grid, dot grid, draw and midnight (black).


160 pages of acid free, slightly toothy, recycled 74 lb (120 g/m2) bright white blank sketch paper. Perfect for sketching, notes and field work.



PTL-016161-1Traveler Sketch Black4"x3"$6.95$5.21Out of stock
PTL-016162-1Traveler Sketch Black6"x4"$9.95$7.46Out of stock
PTL-016163-1Traveler Sketch Black8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016165-1Traveler Sketch Black10"x8"$16.95$12.71Out of stock
PTL-016163-MCTraveler Sketch Metallic Copper8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016162-4OGTraveler Sketch Olive Green6"x4"$9.95$7.46Out of stock
PTL-016163-4PUTraveler Sketch Purple8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016162-2RDTraveler Sketch Red6"x4"$9.95$7.46Out of stock
PTL-016162-2RBTraveler Sketch Royal Blue6"x4"$9.95$7.46
PTL-016163-2RBTraveler Sketch Royal Blue8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016161-2RDTraveler Sketch Red4"x3"$6.95$5.21
PTL-016161-2RBTraveler Sketch Royal Blue4"x3"$6.95$5.21Out of stock
PTL-016162-2ORTraveler Sketch Orange6"x4"$9.95$7.46Out of stock
PTL-016162-3BBTraveler Sketch Bright Blue6"x4"$9.95$7.46Out of stock
PTL-016163-2RDTraveler Sketch Red8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016164-1Traveler Sketch Black5"x8"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016161-3BBTraveler Sketch Bright Blue4"x3"$6.95$5.21
PTL-016163-3BBTraveler Sketch Bright Blue8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016161-3BPTraveler Sketch Bright Pink4"x3"$6.95$5.21Out of stock
PTL-016162-3BPTraveler Sketch Bright Pink6"x4"$9.95$7.46Out of stock
PTL-016163-3BPTraveler Sketch Bright Pink8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016161-4BRTraveler Sketch Burgundy4"x3"$6.95$5.21Out of stock
PTL-016162-4BRTraveler Sketch Burgundy6"x4"$9.95$7.46Out of stock
PTL-016163-4BRTraveler Sketch Burgundy8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016161-3CYTraveler Sketch Citrine Yellow4"x3"$6.95$5.21Out of stock
PTL-016162-3CYTraveler Sketch Citrine Yellow6"x4"$9.95$7.46Out of stock
PTL-016163-3CYTraveler Sketch Citrine Yellow8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016161-2GRTraveler Sketch Green4"x3"$6.95$5.21
PTL-016162-2GRTraveler Sketch Green6"x4"$9.95$7.46Out of stock
PTL-016163-2GRTraveler Sketch Green8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016162-MCTraveler Sketch Metallic Copper6"x4"$9.95$7.46Out of stock
PTL-016162-MGTraveler Sketch Metallic Gold6"x4"$9.95$7.46Out of stock
PTL-016163-MGTraveler Sketch Metallic Gold8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016162-MSTraveler Sketch Metallic Silver6"x4"$9.95$7.46Out of stock
PTL-016163-MSTraveler Sketch Metallic Silver8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016163-2ORTraveler Sketch Orange8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016161-4PUTraveler Sketch Purple4"x3"$6.95$5.21Out of stock
PTL-016162-4PUTraveler Sketch Purple6"x4"$9.95$7.46Out of stock
PTL-016161-3TQTraveler Sketch Turquoise4"x3"$6.95$5.21Out of stock
PTL-016162-3TQTraveler Sketch Turquoise6"x4"$9.95$7.46Out of stock
PTL-016163-3TQTraveler Sketch Turquoise8"x6"$11.95$8.96
PTL-016161-4YGTraveler Sketch Yellow Gold4"x3"$6.95$5.21
PTL-016162-4YGTraveler Sketch Yellow Gold6"x4"$9.95$7.46
PTL-016163-4YGTraveler Sketch Yellow Gold8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016161-4OGTraveler Sketch Olive Green4"x3"$6.95$5.21
PTL-016163-4OGTraveler Sketch Olive Green8"x6"$11.95$8.96Out of stock
PTL-016161-2ORTraveler Sketch Orange4"x3"$6.95$5.21
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