Manuscript Fountain Pens

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Master Italic Fountain Pen
Using an italic nib encourages your hand to form elliptical shapes that are most suited to the hand's natural movement thus helping you to create aesthetically pleasing and legible handwriting with ease. A simple yet distinguished pen, the Master Italic Fountain Pen is guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable writing experience. This set includes one medium italic nib (1.1 mm), a luxe finish that's tough and durable, two black ink cartridges, a storage case and an introductory/care leaflet.

Callicreative StyluScript 3-Nib Sets
These StyluScript 3-nib sets include a multifunctional pen with three interchangeable nibs of varying widths (Iridium, M and 2B) and feature a digital stylus tip on the other end, for using on your tablet or smartphone.

Creative Cartridges
Pack of 30 colored cartridges for hand lettering, creative calligraphy, illuminated letters, doodles and more.

Black Calligraphy Cartridges
Non-waterproof, washable ink suitable for fountain pens, brushes and dip pens. Suitable for everyone from calligraphers to illustrators, graphic designers, artists and hobbyists..



MAN-MC5001Master Italic Pen Black1.1 mm$26.95$24.95
MAN-MC5003Master Italic Pen Blue1.1 mm$26.95$24.95Out of stock
MAN-MC5302StyluScript 3 Nib Fountain Pen SetSet$16.95Out of stock
MAN-MC0462ASCCreative Cartridges Asst. Colors x12Pack$3.95Out of stock
MAN-MC0461CBBlack Calligraphy Cartridges x12Pack$3.95Out of stock
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