Jacquard Textile Colors

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The go-to, artist’s standard for professional-quality fabric paints, Textile Color leaves fabric as soft as possible and holds up exceptionally well to washing. Permanent and colorfast on both synthetic and natural fabrics, including stretchy and extruded fabrics, as well as on other porous and semi-porous surfaces like wood and leather, Textile Color never chips, cracks or peels, even with repeated wear and washing. Applied straight from the bottle, the color is semi-transparent and intense. Add up to 25% water to this medium-bodied paint to increase transparency and reduce viscosity, or mix with #100 Colorless Extender to achieve any degree of transparency without affecting the consistency of the paint. Mix with #123 White for pastels. For opaque colors, mix with #220 Super Opaque White or use Neopaque paints.

Textile Colors can be intermixed to form essentially any color. They can also be mixed an/or used in conjunction with our Lumiere, Neopaque and Dye-Na-Flow lines, and are also an excellent medium for Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments.

painting, block printing, mono printing, stenciling and stamping

natural and synthetic fabrics, leather, wood, shoes, canvas, paper and more



JAJAC1100Textile Color Colorless2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1101Textile Color Yellow2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1102Textile Color Goldenrod2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1103Textile Color Orange2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1104Textile Color Pink2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1105Textile Color Scarlet Red2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1106Textile Color True Red2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1107Textile Color Ruby Red2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1109Textile Color Maroon2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1110Textile Color Violet2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1111Textile Color Sky Blue2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1112Textile Color Sapphire Blue2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1113Textile Color Navy Blue2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1114Textile Color Turquoise2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1116Textile Color Apple Green2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1117Textile Color Emerald Green2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1118Textile Color Olive Green2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1120Textile Color Brown2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1122Textile Color Black2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1123Textile Color White2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1124Textile Color Yellow Ochre2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1125Textile Color Periwinkle2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1126Textile Color Spruce2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1127Textile Color Russet2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1130Textile Color Raw Sienna2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1131Textile Color Burnt Sienna2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1132Textile Color Mars Red2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1133Textile Color Raw Umber2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1134Textile Color Burnt Umber2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1135Textile Color Brown Ochre2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1136Textile Color Terre Verte2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1137Textile Color Neutral Gray2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1151Textile Color Fluorescent Yellow2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1152Textile Color Fluorescent Orange2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1153Textile Color Fluorescent Pink2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1154Textile Color Fluorescent Red2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1155Textile Color Fluorescent Blue2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1156Textile Color Fluorescent Green2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1157Textile Color Fluorescent Violet2.25 oz.$4.69
JAJAC1220Textile Color Super Opaque White2.25 oz.$4.69
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