Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Inks

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Pinata Alcohol Ink
Beautiful, color-saturated, acid-free, transparent inks. They have an alcohol base which makes them indelible and moisture-resistant when dry, and allows you to use them on almost any surface as long as it s clean and oil free. Highly versatile, Pinata can be used in a variety of applications, including rubber stamping, fine art, fiber art and scrap booking. It can also be used in calligraphy, faux finishing techniques, airbrush applications, wood and leather staining and more. The colors silver and rich gold are formulated with real metal pigments and are super opaque.

Pinata Alcohol Ink Clean-Up Solution
Transparent, permanent and acid-free, this solution is great for cleaning surfaces prior to painting and cleaning brushes after painting.



JAJFC1000Pinata Clean-Up Solution1 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1001Pinata Claro Extender1 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1002Pinata Subright Yellow0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1003Pinata Tangerine0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1005Pinata Calabaza Orange0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1007Pinata Santa Fe Red0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1009Pinata Chili Pepper0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1011Pinata Senorita Magenta0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1013Pinata Passion Purple0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1015Pinata Sangria0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1017Pinata Sapphire Blue0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1019Pinata Baha Blue0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1021Pinata Lime Green0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1023Pinata Rainforest Green0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1025Pinata Burro Brown0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1027Pinata Havana Brown0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1029Pinata Shadow Grey0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1030Pinata Blanco0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1031Pinata Mantilla Black0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1032Pinata Rich Gold0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1033Pinata Rich Silver0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC2001Pinata Claro Extender4 oz.$10.99
JAJFC1016Pinata Blue Violet0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJFC1004Pinata Golden Yellow0.5 oz.$3.79
JAJAC9916Pinata Exciter Pack Set of 9Set$29.39
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