Copic Sketch Marker Sets

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Copic Sketch is the most popular among all the Copic markers. It comes in the widest range of colors, and features Medium Broad and flexible Super Brush nib combination. Ideal for illustration, craft and caricature. Also “Sketch Original (empty marker)” allows you to mix the colors or expand your collection with by using Various Ink to fill them up. 358 Colors.

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  • 358 colors (including #0 Colorless Blender)
  • Alcohol based ink
    * The colors start with “F” (it stands for fluorescent): If the last digit is 1, the ink contains the pigments. If the last digit is 2, the ink contains dyestuff.
  • Medium Broad nib and Super Brush nib
  • Oval barrel
  • The average number of B4 size (257mm x 364mm) sheet in cases of painting whole area evenly with broad nib: 3.7 sheets
  • Nib options are available
  • Refillable
  • Sketch Original (empty marker) is available
  • Copic Air Brushing System


CMSB12Sketch Basic Set of 12Set$95.88$71.91
CMSB24Sketch Basic Set of 24Set$191.76$143.82
CMSB36Sketch Basic Set of 36Set$287.64$215.73Out of stock
CMSSKIN1Sketch Skin Tone Set of 6Set$47.94$38.35
CMS72ASketch A Set of 72Set$575.28$421.20Out of stock
CMS72BSketch B Set of 72Set$575.28$421.20Out of stock
CMS72CSketch C Set of 72Set$575.28$421.20Out of stock
CMS72DSketch D Set of 72Set$575.28$421.20Out of stock
CMS72ESketch E Set of 72Set$575.28$421.20Out of stock
CMSBLENDINGSketch Blending Basics Set of 6Set$49.90$39.92
CMSBOLDPRISketch Bold Primaries Set of 6Set$47.94$38.35
CMSEARTHSketch Earth Essentials Set of 6Set$47.94$38.35
CMSFLORAL2Sketch Floral Favorites Set of 6Set$47.94$38.35
CMSPASTELSSketch Pale Pastels Set of 6Set$47.94$38.35
CMSPRIMARIESSketch Perfect Primaries Set of 6Set$47.94$38.35
CMSSEASKYSketch Sea & Sky Set of 6Set$47.94$38.35
CMSSECONDARYSketch Secondary Tones Set of 6Set$47.94$38.35
CMSNGRAYSketch Sketching Grays Set of 6Set$49.90$39.92
Total: $0.00

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