Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper Sheets

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Canson® Mi-Teintes® is a pulp-dyed colour paper that has won worldwide recognition for its qualities.

Canson® Mi-Teintes® is genuine art paper that contains cotton, combining mechanical resistance and a sensuous feel.  In addition to its qualities as a drawing medium, Canson® Mi-Teintes® complies with the ISO 9706 standard on permanence, a guarantee of excellent conservation.

Furthermore it has the advantage of having a different texture on either side: a honeycombed side characteristic of Canson® Mi-Teintes®; and fine grain on the other.

It boasts the richest range of colours on the market, with 50 light-resistant tones.



CN100511278Mi-Teintes Azure8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511316Mi-Teintes Bisque8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511256Mi-Teintes Bisque19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511303Mi-Teintes Black8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511331Mi-Teintes Bordeaux8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511300Mi-Teintes Buff8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511317Mi-Teintes Burgundy8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511322Mi-Teintes Cadmium Yellow8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511301Mi-Teintes Canary8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511241Mi-Teintes Canary19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511309Mi-Teintes Champagne8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511249Mi-Teintes Champagne19" x 25"$3.15$2.99Out of stock
CN100511302Mi-Teintes Cream8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511295Mi-Teintes Dark Gray8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511235Mi-Teintes Dark Gray19" x 25"$3.15$2.99Out of stock
CN100511279Mi-Teintes Dawn Pink8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511283Mi-Teintes Egg Shell8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511305Mi-Teintes Felt Gray8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511245Mi-Teintes Felt Gray19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511285Mi-Teintes Flannel Gray8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511225Mi-Teintes Flannel Gray19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511310Mi-Teintes Green8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511299Mi-Teintes Hemp8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511296Mi-Teintes Honeysuckle8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511236Mi-Teintes Honeysuckle19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511268Mi-Teintes Icy Blue19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511289Mi-Teintes Indigo Blue8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80Out of stock
CN100511282Mi-Teintes Ivory8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511222Mi-Teintes Ivory19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511307Mi-Teintes Ivy8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511247Mi-Teintes Ivy19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511312Mi-Teintes Light Blue8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511311Mi-Teintes Light Green8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511251Mi-Teintes Light Green19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511280Mi-Teintes Lilac8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511281Mi-Teintes Lily8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511304Mi-Teintes Moonstone8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511308Mi-Teintes Orange8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511248Mi-Teintes Orange19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511297Mi-Teintes Orchid8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511237Mi-Teintes Orchid19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511293Mi-Teintes Oyster8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511277Mi-Teintes Pale Yellow8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511294Mi-Teintes Pearl8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511284Mi-Teintes Pearl Gray8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511320Mi-Teintes Poppy Red8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80Out of stock
CN100511275Mi-Teintes Raspberry19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511319Mi-Teintes Red8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511259Mi-Teintes Red19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511286Mi-Teintes Red Earth8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511226Mi-Teintes Red Earth19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511324Mi-Teintes Royal Blue8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511264Mi-Teintes Royal Blue19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511292Mi-Teintes Sand8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511288Mi-Teintes Sepia8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511228Mi-Teintes Sepia19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511298Mi-Teintes Sky Blue8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511269Mi-Teintes Southern Seas19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511306Mi-Teintes Steel Gray8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511243Mi-Teintes Stygian Black19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511315Mi-Teintes Tobacco8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511255Mi-Teintes Tobacco19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511325Mi-Teintes Turquoise Blue8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511265Mi-Teintes Turquoise Blue19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511321Mi-Teintes Violet8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511261Mi-Teintes Violet19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511323Mi-Teintes Viridian8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511263Mi-Teintes Viridian19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
CN100511291Mi-Teintes White8.5" x 11"$0.85$0.80
CN100511231Mi-Teintes White19" x 25"$3.15$2.99
Total: $0.00

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