Blackwing Journals

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Every Blackwing Slate features 160 pages of high-quality, 100GSM paper, a durable dual-sewn binding, wear-resistant matte black hardcover, canvas spine and unique pencil holster that comes loaded with a Blackwing pencil. The Blackwing Slate is available in ruled, blank or dot grid paper.

Every Clutch Notebook features 48 pages of high-quality, 100GSM paper sewn bound between a durable but flexible matte black cover. Each notebook measures 3.5in x 5.5in when closed, but the Clutch’s clamshell layout gives you a usable workspace of 7in x 5.5in. The Clutch Notebook comes in sets of 3 and is available with ruled, blank or dot grid paper.

The Blackwing 602 Summit notebook is your mobile workstation. Every notebook features 160 pages of high-quality, 100GSM paper sewn bound between a graphite grey soft cover. Each notebook measures 7.5in x 10in when closed and 15in x 10in when opened, giving you room for brainstorming sessions, ledger notes, landscape sketches, and anything else your work demands. The Blackwing Summit 602 Notebook is available with ruled, blank or dot grid paper.

Every Pearl notebook features the same quality and features, but in White!



103962Slate Plain5"x8.25"$22.95
103963Slate Ruled5"x8.25"$22.95
103939Slate Dot Grid5"x8.25"$22.95
104126Clutch Dot Grid5.5"x3.5"$14.95
104125Clutch Plain5.5"x3.5"$14.95Out of stock
104124Clutch Ruled5.5"x3.5"$14.95Out of stock
104123Summit Dot Grid7.5"x10"$21.95Out of stock
104122Summit Plain7.5"x10"$21.95Out of stock
104121Summit Ruled7.5"x10"$21.95Out of stock
104162Pearl Clutch Dot Grid5.5"x3.5"$14.95Out of stock
104161Pearl Clutch Plain5.5"x3.5"$14.95Out of stock
104160Pearl Clutch Ruled5.5"x3.5"$14.95Out of stock
104165Pearl Slate Dot Grid5"x8.25"$22.95Out of stock
104163Pearl Slate Plain5"x8.25"$22.95Out of stock
104164Pearl Slate Ruled5"x8.25"$22.95Out of stock
104168Pearl Summit Dot Grid7.5"x10"$21.95Out of stock
104167Pearl Summit Plain7.5"x10"$21.95Out of stock
104166Pearl Summit Ruled7.5"x10"$21.95Out of stock
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