Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink

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These non-toxic, non-flammable inks are especially formulated for fabric screen painting, also called silkscreening. Because they are water-based, they offer the advantage of soap and water cleanup without sacrificing any color intensity or durability. Yet, when properly heat-set, the inks become fast and will not wash out. Mix the inks to create an even wider range of colors.



SP4600Fabric Screen Ink Black32 oz.$30.12$24.99
SP4602Fabric Screen Ink Blue32 oz.$30.12$24.99
SP4604Fabric Screen Ink Green32 oz.$30.12$24.99
SP4576Fabric Screen Ink Peacock32 oz.$30.12$24.99
SP4601Fabric Screen Ink Red32 oz.$30.12$24.99
SP4575Fabric Screen Ink Violet32 oz.$30.12$24.99
SP4603Fabric Screen Ink White32 oz.$30.12$24.99
SP4605Fabric Screen Ink Yellow32 oz.$30.12$24.99
SP4590Speedball Fabric Screen Ink Starter Set of 6Set$34.75$31.99
SP47523Fabric Screen Ink Night Glo Original8 oz.$21.89$17.99
SP4560Fabric Screen Ink Black8 oz.$10.41$9.99
SP4808Opaque Fabric Screen Ink Gold8 oz.$11.58$10.99
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