Kuretake Zig Calligraphy II Pens

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Waterproof / Archival Quality / Ideal for Scrapbooking and other crafts
TIP SIZE: 2 mm & 3.5 mm
Contents INK TYPE: Photo-Safe, Acid-Free, Lightfast, Odourless, Xylene Free



MS-3500/24VCalligraphy II Set of 24Set$66.72Out of stock
MS-3500/12VCalligraphy II Set of 12Set$33.36Out of stock
MS-3500/6VCalligraphy II Set of 6Set$16.68Out of stock
MS-3500-052Calligraphy II ApricotEa.$2.78
MS-3500-801Calligraphy II AubergineEa.$2.78Out of stock
MS-3500-031Calligraphy II Baby BlueEa.$2.78Out of stock
MS-3500-026Calligraphy II Baby PinkEa.$2.78
MS-3500-010Calligraphy II BlackEa.$2.78Out of stock
MS-9500-999Calligraphy II Blender (Colorless)Ea.$2.78
MS-3500-062Calligraphy II ChocolateEa.$2.78
MS-3500-034Calligraphy II DenimEa.$2.78
MS-3500-044Calligraphy II Fever GreenEa.$2.78
MS-3500-401Calligraphy II Hunter GreenEa.$2.78Out of stock
MS-3500-207Calligraphy II Island CoralEa.$2.78
MS-3500-402Calligraphy II KiwiEa.$2.78Out of stock
MS-3500-035Calligraphy II NavyEa.$2.78
MS-3500-030Calligraphy II Pure BlueEa.$2.78Out of stock
MS-3500-060Calligraphy II Pure BrownEa.$2.78
MS-3500-070Calligraphy II Pure OrangeEa.$2.78
MS-3500-025Calligraphy II Pure PinkEa.$2.78
MS-3500-080Calligraphy II Pure VioletEa.$2.78
MS-3500-024Calligraphy II RoseEa.$2.78Out of stock
MS-3500-021Calligraphy II SalmonEa.$2.78
MS-3500-301Calligraphy II SplashEa.$2.78
MS-3500-047Calligraphy II Spring GreenEa.$2.78
MS-3500-092Calligraphy II Steel GrayEa.$2.78
MS-3500-503Calligraphy II Summer SunEa.$2.78
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