Fredrix Artist Series Canvas Panels

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Fredrix Canvas Panels are great for students. The surface texture provides a very definite paint-gripping “tooth” with minimum paint absorption, a perfect support for painting in all media. The sides are completely turned under and glued to prevent fraying and separation. The entire area of canvas is firmly glued to the board. The sizing is acid free.



TF3202Canvas Panel Pack of 34"x5"$5.57$3.34
TF3203Canvas Panel Pack of 34"x6"$6.72$4.03
TF3204Canvas Panel Pack of 35"x7"$7.35$4.41
TF3205Canvas Panel Pack of 36"8"$8.51$5.11
TF3206Canvas Panel Pack of 37"x9"$9.04$5.42
TF3241Canvas Panel Pack of 38"x8"$9.67$5.80
TF3207Canvas Panel Pack of 38"x10"$9.67$5.80
TF3209Canvas Panel Pack of 39"x12"$11.14$6.68
TF3212Canvas Panel Pack of 311"x14"$14.71$8.83
TF3243Canvas Panel Pack of 312"x12"$13.76$8.26
TF3213Canvas Panel Pack of 312"x16"$19.01$11.41
TF3215Canvas Panel Pack of 314"x18"$21.11$12.67
TF3244Canvas Panel Pack of 316"x16"$21.75$13.05
TF3217Canvas Panel Pack of 216"x20"$28.15$16.89
TF3218Canvas Panel Pack of 218"x24"$26.05$15.63
TF3219Canvas Panel Pack of 220"x24"$29.31$17.59
TF3220Canvas Panel Pack of 222"x28"$39.92$23.95
TF3223Canvas Panel Pack of 224"x30"$44.54$26.72
Total: $0.00

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