Derwent Inktense Blocks

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These chunky water-soluble ink blocks provide vibrant strokes of ink-like color, bringing a new sense of freedom and color to drawing and painting. When used dry, the blocks provide pure vibrant color, but can also be completely washed out and transformed into a translucent ink-like paint which, when dry, can be worked over. They are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of creative effects. They can be used like pans of paint, dipped in water to apply color directly to paper, used dry on wet paper for instant intense color and more. They can also be used on fabric to create stunning silk paintings and other craft projects.



DE2300442Inktense Block Set of 12Set$43.99$29.99Out of stock
DE2300443Inktense Block Set of 24Set$87.99$55.99Out of stock
DE2300441Inktense Block 2300 Antique WhiteEa.$3.67
DE2300432Inktense Block 1400 Apple GreenEa.$3.67
DE2300436Inktense Block 1800 Baked EarthEa.$3.67
DE2300438Inktense Block 2000 BarkEa.$3.67
DE2300427Inktense Block 1000 Bright BlueEa.$3.67
DE2300439Inktense Block 2100 Charcoal GreyEa.$3.67
DE2302046Inktense Block 0510 CherryEa.$3.67
DE2300422Inktense Block 0500 Chilli RedEa.$3.67Out of stock
DE2300428Inktense Block 1100 Deep IndigoEa.$3.67
DE2302069Inktense Block 1530 Felt GreenEa.$3.67
DE2300433Inktense Block 1500 Field GreenEa.$3.67
DE2300424Inktense Block 0700 FuchsiaEa.$3.67
DE2302081Inktense Block 2020 Indian InkEa.$3.67
DE2300440Inktense Block 2200 Ink BlackEa.$3.67
DE2300431Inktense Block 1320 Ionian GreenEa.$3.67
DE2300426Inktense Block 0900 Iris BlueEa.$3.67
DE2302059Inktense Block 0840 Iron BlueEa.$3.67
DE2302065Inktense Block 1310 Iron GreenEa.$3.67
DE2300434Inktense Block 1600 Leaf GreenEa.$3.67
DE2302053Inktense Block 0740 MauveEa.$3.67
DE2300435Inktense Block 1700 MustardEa.$3.67
DE2302057Inktense Block 0820 Peacock BlueEa.$3.67
DE2300421Inktense Block 0400 Poppy RedEa.$3.67
DE2302049Inktense Block 0610 Red VioletEa.$3.67
DE2302076Inktense Block 1740 Saddle BrownEa.$3.67
DE2300429Inktense Block 1200 Sea BlueEa.$3.67
DE2300418Inktense Block 0100 Sherbert LemonEa.$3.67
DE2300423Inktense Block 0600 ShirazEa.$3.67
DE2302040Inktense Block 0240 Sienna GoldEa.$3.67
DE2300419Inktense Block 0200 Sun YellowEa.$3.67
DE2302074Inktense Block 1720 TanEa.$3.67
DE2300420Inktense Block 0300 TangerineEa.$3.67
DE2300430Inktense Block 1300 Teal GreenEa.$3.67
DE2302062Inktense Block 1215 TurquoiseEa.$3.67
DE2300425Inktense Block 0800 VioletEa.$3.67
DE2300437Inktense Block 1900 WIllowEa.$3.67
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