Stabilo Bionic Bl@ck Pens

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Rollerball pen

When you’re writing notes all day or have long exams, you need the STABILO bl@ck+ to make writing effortless. With its cool, modern design it is now coming to classrooms and lecture theatres around the world. It glides comfortably over paper, with no need to apply pressure. Six colors and two line widths guarantee a varied writing experience. School children and students with creative minds and demanding writing hands will benefit from its ergonomic shape.

Product detail

Black has never been so beautiful!

The STABILO bl@ck+ is totally modern and really easy to grip. The entire shaft is covered in a non-slip material also used in the automotive industry. The soft surface makes the pen grippier, meaning that it sits well in the hand and can be controlled without applying pressure. The rollerball tip ensures clear, attractive handwriting and high writing speed. A free-ink system with STABILO’s high-quality water-based ink allows hours of writing without scratching – and in six different colors: black, red, green, blue, violet and turquoise. With these colors, the STABILO bl@ck+ opens up new creative handwriting possibilities. Writing beautifully every time, it is something that every student will love but will hardly ever notice


Product features:

  • Smart and elegant rollerball in black with silver print.
  • Improved writing comfort thanks to the soft surface over the entire shaft.
  • German quality out of non-slip material from the car industry.
  • Free ink system for light writing without scratching.
  • Available in black, blue, red, green, lilac and turquoise.
  • Fine tip for precision such as lines or diagram drawings. Medium tip for smooth, speedy writing.
  • Anti-roll-away design.
  • Metal clip for improved mobility.


SW1016-36Bionic Black Fine Green0.3 mm$4.10$3.69
SW1016-40Bionic Black Fine Red0.3 mm$4.10$3.69
SW1016-41Bionic Black Fine Blue0.3 mm$4.10$3.69
SW1016-46Bionic Black Fine Black0.3 mm$4.10$3.69
SW1016-51Bionic Black Fine Turquoise0.3 mm$4.10$3.69Out of stock
SW1016-58Bionic Black Fine Lilac0.3 mm$4.10$3.69
SW1016-4Bionic Black Fine Set of 4Set$16.00$14.40Out of stock
SW1016-6-2Bionic Black Fine Set of 6Set$24.65$22.19Out of stock
SW1018-4Bionic Black Medium Set of 4Set$16.00$14.40Out of stock
SW1018-6-2Bionic Black Medium Set of 6Set$24.00$21.60Out of stock
SW1018-46Bionic Black Medium Black0.5 mm$4.10$3.69Out of stock
SW1018-41Bionic Black Medium Blue0.5 mm$4.10$3.69
SW1018-36Bionic Black Medium Green0.5 mm$4.10$3.69
SW1018-58Bionic Black Medium Lilac0.5 mm$4.10$3.69
SW1018-40Bionic Black Medium Red0.5 mm$4.10$3.69
SW1018-51Bionic Black Medium Turquoise0.5 mm$4.10$3.69Out of stock
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