Kuretake Posterman Wet Wipe Markers

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Erasable from non-porous surfaces with a wet cloth


TIP SIZE: 2 mm
Contents INK TYPE: Hi-Opaque, Lightfast, Odourless, Xylene Free



PMA-550/8VPosterman Chisel Set of 8Set$26.24
PMA-50-000Posterman Wet Wipe Chisel White6 mm$3.28Out of stock
PMA-50-010Posterman Wet Wipe Chisel Black6 mm$3.28Out of stock
PMA-50-020Posterman Wet Wipe Chisel Red6 mm$3.28
PMA-50-030Posterman Wet Wipe Chisel Blue6 mm$3.28
PMA-50-040Posterman Wet Wipe Chisel Green6 mm$3.28
PMA-50-050Posterman Wet Wipe Chisel Yellow6 mm$3.28
PMA-50-060Posterman Wet Wipe Chisel Brown6 mm$3.28
PMA-50-070Posterman Wet Wipe Chisel Orange6 mm$3.28
PMA-50-025Posterman Wet Wipe Chisel Pink6 mm$3.28
PMA-330-000Posterman Wet Wipe Medium White2 mm$3.28
PMA-330-010Posterman Wet Wipe Medium Black2 mm$3.28
PMA-330-020Posterman Wet Wipe Medium Red2 mm$3.28
PMA-330-030Posterman Wet Wipe Medium Blue2 mm$3.28
PMA-330-040Posterman Wet Wipe Medium Green2 mm$3.28
PMA-330-050Posterman Wet Wipe Medium Yellow2 mm$3.28
PMA-330-060Posterman Wet Wipe Medium Brown2 mm$3.28
PMA-330-070Posterman Wet Wipe Medium Orange2 mm$3.28
Total: $0.00

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