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Ballpoint pen

This refillable ballpoint pen is part of the STABILO GREEN family and is suitable for those who care about the environment and their carbon footprint. It is a trusty ballpoint pen manufactured from 79% recycled plastic in the world-famous STABILO point 88 design. It has an extremely soft ballpoint feel with a line width of 0.5mm. It is available in 6 colors: blue, black and green, and is document-proof.

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Whether for business or academia, DIY or signing a card for mum, the STABILO pointball will cater for everyone’s needs. This ballpoint pen will suit environmentally-aware school children, students, teachers and professionals alike. It offers a non-slip grip and is extremely soft, making writing speedy and comfortable. So it’s goodbye to hand cramps and hello to a writing aid that cares for both you and the world. Its orange and white striped edges are in the style of the world-famous STABILO point 88. Being refillable, it will also never need replacing. The STABILO pointball and ink cartridges are available in six different colors, including document-proof blue, black and green.


  • Ballpoint pen in the style of the world-famous STABILO point 88.
  • Manufactured from 79% recycled plastic

  • Extremely soft ballpoint pen ink for fast writing

  • Medium tip with a line width of 0.5 mm

  • Non-slip grip zone

  • With click mechanism

  • Available in 6 colors

  • Document-proof blue, black and green ink

  • Refillable with STABILO Ballpoint Refill



SW6030-4Pointball Pen Wallet Set of 4Set$13.00$11.70
SW6030-6Pointball Pen Wallet Set of 6Set$20.00$18.00Out of stock
SW6030-36Pointball Pen Green0.5 mm$3.40$3.06
SW6030-40Pointball Pen Red0.5 mm$3.40$3.06
SW6030-41Pointball Pen Blue0.5 mm$3.40$3.06Out of stock
SW6030-46Pointball Pen Black0.5 mm$3.40$3.06
SW6030-51Pointball Pen Turquoise0.5 mm$3.40$3.06Out of stock
SW6030-58Pointball Pen Lilac0.5 mm$3.40$3.06Out of stock
Total: $0.00

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