Sakura Gelly Roll Pens

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Gelly Roll Pens are great for journaling, doodling, crafting, illustration and much more. These pens glide smoothly, won't bleed or blot and dry to be waterproof and fade-resistant.




  • Signing checks and legal documents
  • Notes, journals, letters, and handmade cards
  • Scrapbooking and crafts
  • Illustration, coloring, and doodling

Technical qualities

  • Archival quality gel ink - chemically stable, waterproof, and fade resistant on paper
  • No feathering or bleed-through on most papers
  • No smearing once dry
  • Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards
  • Not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed
  • Not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin.


SK57375Gelly Roll Dark Metallic Set of 5Medium$7.45$6.70
SK38370Gelly Roll Glaze Set of 10Set$22.50$17.99
SK38371Gelly Roll Glaze Set of 6Set$13.50$12.15
SK57370Gelly Roll Metallic Set of 10Medium$14.90$12.69Out of stock
SK38174Gelly Roll Moonlight Dawn Set of 5Fine$7.45$6.70
SK38175Gelly Roll Moonlight Dust Set of 5Fine$7.45$6.70
SK38176Gelly Roll Moonlight Set of 10Bold$14.90$12.69Out of stock
SK37906Gelly Roll Stardust Clear Pack of 2Bold$3.89$3.50
SK58530Gelly Roll Silver Shadow Set of 5Set$8.95$8.05
SK37903Gelly Roll Stardust Galaxy Set of 6Bold$10.74$9.69Out of stock
SK37321Gelly Roll Classic BlackFine$1.49
SK37521Gelly Roll Classic BlackMedium$1.49
SK37322Gelly Roll Classic BlueFine$1.49
SK37522Gelly Roll Classic BlueMedium$1.49
SK37525Gelly Roll Classic BrownMedium$1.49
SK37533Gelly Roll Classic BurgundyMedium$1.49
SK37524Gelly Roll Classic GreenMedium$1.49Out of stock
SK37527Gelly Roll Classic OrangeMedium$1.49
SK37329Gelly Roll Classic PinkFine$1.49
SK37529Gelly Roll Classic PinkMedium$1.49
SK37326Gelly Roll Classic PurpleFine$1.49
SK37526Gelly Roll Classic PurpleMedium$1.49
SK37323Gelly Roll Classic RedFine$1.49
SK37523Gelly Roll Classic RedMedium$1.49
SK37328Gelly Roll Classic Royal BlueFine$1.49
SK37528Gelly Roll Classic Royal BlueMedium$1.49
SK37819Gelly Roll Classic WhiteMedium$1.49
SK38927Gelly Roll Metallic BlackMedium$1.49
SK38926Gelly Roll Metallic Blue BlackMedium$1.49
SK38924Gelly Roll Metallic BurgundyMedium$1.49
SK38925Gelly Roll Metallic Hunter GreenMedium$1.49Out of stock
SK38923Gelly Roll Metallic SepiaMedium$1.49Out of stock
SK38922Gelly Roll Metallic BlueMedium$1.49
SK38950Gelly Roll Metallic CopperMedium$1.49
SK38920Gelly Roll Metallic EmeraldMedium$1.49
SK38802Gelly Roll Metallic GoldMedium$1.49
SK38921Gelly Roll Metallic GreenMedium$1.49
SK38918Gelly Roll Metallic PinkMedium$1.49
SK38919Gelly Roll Metallic PurpleMedium$1.49
SK38917Gelly Roll Metallic RedMedium$1.49
SK38803Gelly Roll Metallic SilverMedium$1.49
SK39780Gelly Roll Moonlight BlueFine$1.49
SK38173Gelly Roll Moonlight BlueMedium$1.49
SK39747Gelly Roll Moonlight Fluorescent GreenFine$1.49
SK38168Gelly Roll Moonlight Fluorescent GreenMedium$1.49
SK39744Gelly Roll Moonlight Fluorescent OrangeFine$1.49
SK38165Gelly Roll Moonlight Fluorescent OrangeMedium$1.49
SK39746Gelly Roll Moonlight Fluorescent PinkFine$1.49
SK38167Gelly Roll Moonlight Fluorescent PinkMedium$1.49
SK39745Gelly Roll Moonlight Fluorescent VermillionFine$1.49Out of stock
SK38166Gelly Roll Moonlight Fluorescent VermillionMedium$1.49
SK39743Gelly Roll Moonlight Fluorescent YellowFine$1.49Out of stock
SK38164Gelly Roll Moonlight Fluorescent YellowMedium$1.49
SK39779Gelly Roll Moonlight GreenFine$1.49
SK38172Gelly Roll Moonlight GreenMedium$1.49
SK39778Gelly Roll Moonlight PurpleFine$1.49
SK38171Gelly Roll Moonlight PurpleMedium$1.49
SK39776Gelly Roll Moonlight RedFine$1.49
SK38169Gelly Roll Moonlight RedMedium$1.49
SK39777Gelly Roll Moonlight RoseFine$1.49
SK38170Gelly Roll Moonlight RoseMedium$1.49
SK37960Gelly Roll Stardust BlueBold$1.79
SK37952Gelly Roll Stardust CopperBold$1.79
SK37951Gelly Roll Stardust GoldenBold$1.79
SK37959Gelly Roll Stardust GreenBold$1.79
SK37958Gelly Roll Stardust LimeBold$1.79
SK37961Gelly Roll Stardust MarineBold$1.79
SK37954Gelly Roll Stardust PinkBold$1.79
SK37956Gelly Roll Stardust PurpleBold$1.79Out of stock
SK37953Gelly Roll Stardust RedBold$1.79
SK37955Gelly Roll Stardust RoseBold$1.79
SK37962Gelly Roll Stardust SilverBold$1.79Out of stock
SK37957Gelly Roll Stardust SkyBold$1.79
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